High Quality

Our proprietary gimbal suspension system enables us to acquire stable and vibration-free footage. Coupled with our large payload airframe we are able to lift and maneuver a broad range of cinematography cameras. Our services are available with skilled pilots, camera operators and equipment resulting in guaranteed quality.

CS compared to other technologies

Crane CopterShoot Full Size Aircraft
1. Spatial requirements
2. Personnel requirements
3. Mobility
4. Proximity to subject
5. Remote camera control quality
6. Stability
7. Price
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CopterShoot with Panasonic AG-HVX200
CS with Panasonic AG-HVX200
CopterShoot with Canon XL-1
CS with Canon XL-1
CopterShoot with RED ONE
Professional mechanics
Professional mechanics
CopterShoot with Canon XL-1
CS with Canon XL-1
Weightlifting Champion @ 60 mph
Weightlifting Champion @ 60 mph
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Technical Details

Three-axis gyro gimbal

The camera is attached to the helicopter via a gimbal which enables remote controlled pan, tilt and roll of the camera. We employ a modified gyro gimbal with custom proprietary control algorithm to ensure vibration free video acquisition. In addition, there are two levels of mechanical vibration dampening to mechanically decouple the gimbal, and hence the camera, from the airframe to physically prevent the propagation of vibrations from the airframe to the video acquisition device.
The attachment of the camera to our system can be done in a matter of minutes, making maintenance etc. easy and even enabling to use different cameras throughout the given shoot.

The camera can be controlled independent of the helicopter pilot by the given camera operator.

Remote Control Functions

Examples of supported cameras

Ground station

Contains a video monitor for the camera operator, means of recording transmitted video for quick review and provides means of camera control. Wireless color video assist enabled thus the camera operator can view video real-time at the ground-station.


Designed with the specific purpose of camera helicopter held in the foreground, a state of the art platform with extreme rigidity and remarkably low levels of vibration. The power plant is a 5kW Gas turbine to ensure ultimate power, reliability in all weather conditions / climates, and lack of vibration.

Rotor Diameter2.6 m
Take off weight with camera20.2 kg
Endurance30 min
Max speed60 mph ~ 100 km/h
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About Us

With over 10 years of experience with radio controlled helicopters, we combine piloting skills, knowledge of unmanned aerial systems and filming into one service. Our goals are to provide the best services and part-take in filming efforts to achieve stunning footage from angles never seen before.

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Conditions of Rent

If you are interested in our services, please contact us with your specific requirements.

Please let us know...

  1. when and where the shoot will take place
  2. how many shooting days would you like to use our services
  3. what cameras you might be interested in using
  4. a general description of the shooting environment
  5. a brief summary of the specific shots you require (script)

Based on your e-mail we can provide an idea as to how we could work together with you.

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